Upgrading Flutter

We strongly recommend tracking the beta branch in the flutter repository, which is where we push ‘known good builds’ of Flutter. If you need to view the very latest changes, you can track the master branch, but note this is where we do our daily development, so stability is much lower.

To view your current branch, use flutter channel.

To change branch, use flutter channel beta / flutter channel master.

Specifying the Flutter SDK for your project

You specify dependencies from the Flutter SDK in the pubspec.yaml file. For example, the following snippet specifies that the flutter and flutter_test packages use the Flutter SDK.

name: hello_world
    sdk: flutter
    sdk: flutter

The sdk: flutter line tells the flutter command-line tool find the correct package for you.

Do not use the pub get or pub upgrade commands to manage your dependencies. Instead, use flutter packages get or flutter packages upgrade. If you want to use pub manually, you can run it directly by setting the FLUTTER_ROOT environment variable.

Upgrading Flutter channel and your packages

To update both the Flutter SDK and your packages, use the flutter upgrade command from the root of your app (the same directory that contains the pubspec.yaml file):

$ flutter upgrade

Upgrading your packages

If your Flutter app depends on one or more packages, make sure to update packages dependencies on a regular basis.

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