Technical videos

These Flutter videos, produced both internally at Google and by the Flutter community, may help if you are a visual learner.

Note that many people make Flutter videos. This page shows some that we like, but there are many others.


The following list of series features the first episode in the series, with a link to the complete playlist.

The Boring Flutter Show

This series features Flutter programmers live coding in real time. Coding mistakes, solutions, and snazzy intro music included.

Episode One: The Boring Flutter Show
The Boring Flutter Show playlist

Flutter Widget of the Week

Do you have 60 seconds? Each one-minute video highlights a Flutter widget.

Flutter Widget of the Week playlist

Flutter Widgets 101

Five-to-ten minute videos on StatelessWidget, StatefulWidget, and other buiding-block widgets that every Flutter developer needs to know about.

Flutter Widgets 101 playlist

Flutter Challenge series by Fluttery

Each episode solves a different design challenge.

Flutter Challenge playlist

Flutter Weekly Widgets by MTechViral

Weekly episodes, released on Sunday, feature Flutter widgets.

Flutter Weekly Widgets playlist

Flutter DevBytes

These 10-minute (more or less) tutorials teach core Flutter concepts.

DevBytes playlist

Online course

Learn how to build Flutter apps from this free Udacity course: