Flutter installation & setup

This page describes how to prepare your development environment to run Flutter apps on iOS or Android.


To start coding Flutter apps, complete all the tasks marked Required Now in this checklist. The remaining tasks can be deferred until later in the development cycle, when you’re ready to test and iterate using a simulator or physical device.

TaskRequired Now?
Verify your system meets the requirements for Flutter and dependencies (Mac) (Windows) (Linux)Y
Clone the Flutter repo (Mac) (Windows) (Linux)Y
Update your path (Mac) (Windows) (Linux)Y
Run flutter doctor and resolve any issues found (Mac) (Windows) (Linux)Y
Install and configure an IntelliJ IDE to develop Flutter apps
Using an IDE is optional. However, we recommend using an IntelliJ IDE with Flutter for code completion, inline error checking, and visual debugging features.
Perform iOS setup tasks to develop apps for iOS (Mac)
Perform Android setup tasks to develop apps for Android (Mac) (Windows) (Linux)